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How Expensive Is It To Live In Miami Beach?

The city of Miami Beach is a famous mid-sized city off the Miami mainland that is famous for its long stretches of palm-fringed white-sand beaches, luxurious hotels, and wonderful shopping and entertainment districts.

This city is famous for its exciting night life, entertainment possibilities and a diverse array of people living here. Besides the night life, a lot of artistic events take place here, such as poetry, dance, music, theatre and so on, that make this island a magical place for visitors and residents alike.

Living Standards In Miami Beach Are Impressive

The most important thing about Miami Beach is its standard of living. According to observers, its major value is the sun as opposed to Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, where they say the sky-high buildings steal you the sun most of the day.

In Miami beach, they say, "we don't have an environment with huge oppressive buildings, partly because of Art Deco with beautiful facades and small buildings", and finding the right balance in the standard of living and developing the island was one of the most discussed topics in the last 5 years.

Because with unbridled growth, thee goes along some negative aspects like more traffic, lack of parking space and delay in moving from point A to B. For this reason, the local government adopted measures to conserve the environment and current development establishing, amongst others, the 35-feet limit for buildings in some areas.

New Zoning Regulations Have Made Living Easer In The Beach

According to urban development experts, the most important changes in the zoning of Miami Beach, where made in response to the sentiment of the residents of the island, who wanted to conserve the standard of living, and the potential of the development will be controlled by altitude restrictions, which is a reasonable means. Space for developments is limited in South Beach and the opportunities will move more to the Middle Beach and North Beach where they is still space left.

What we are seeing right now in South Beach is the redeveloping and remodeling of the constructions to continue with the process of valuation. Miami Beach also continues to preserve the tropical flair which attracts not only foreign tourists and investors, but also a large number of local tourists who are looking for enjoyment of its beautiful beaches, sun and diversity.

All this is mixed with the urban lifestyle, which makes this island a city of choice for many. However, with the new regulations, come a hefty rise in property taxes, and higher fees for social services like garbage collection, law enforcement, waste management, new housing and other license fees.

Survey Ranks Miami-Miami Beach Metro One Of The Most Expensive Cities Worldwide

According to a survey done by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, the cost-of-living in Miami and nearby Miami Beach, has gotten much more expensive, climbing 18 places since last year, ranking as the 39th most expensive city in the world.

The only U.S. cities that were more expensive than Miami/Miami Beach were New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. The Mercer report surveyed 144 cities worldwide and measured the cost of over 200 items in each location.

The survey considered major factors such as housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment. The survey was made to assist multinational companies in determining compensation allowances for their expatriate employees. According to the Mercer survey, Tokyo dropped from first place to third. The city of Seoul in South Korea jumped up to second, and Moscow came in first.

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