Thursday, 9 January 2014

What Are the Benefits of Buying Miami Beach Real Estate?

Miami Beach real estate has always been known for its glamour and the famous tropical climate that attracts people in hordes. Residents of other states often choose to establish their second homes here, because of the climate and its splendid seashore and resorts.

Benefits of Purchasing Miami Beach Real Estate

Miami Beach real estate offers several advantages, which people can cash in by setting up a business or simply purchasing a home here. Here are the advantages:

* The strategic location of the city, which works as a gateway to Central America, Caribbean Islands and South America.
* Provides good connectivity through quality airports and seaports.
* Serves as a major international business hub in the American subcontinent.
* Many foreign buyers and business owners are buying prime properties, making this area one of the best property markets of the region.
* Property appreciation rates range between 3 and 5% annually, depending on the location of the property.
* About 96 % of the economic growth in Miami is from the housing and property market.
* Growing tourism market boosts the property market.

Miami Beach Real Estate: Booming Neighborhoods

These neighborhoods have a booming market with a variety of choices:

* South Beach: One of the most exclusive neighborhoods with premier clubs and restaurants. Established developers have developed superior projects here, all set against the natural beauty of the Atlantic. Apart from the interesting club scene and night life, it also offers necessary seclusion.
* Mid Beach: One of the most luxurious, high end neighborhoods also known for its ultra-luxurious condos. One can enjoy solitude in these luxurious high rise condos or mingle with the multi-cultural residents and visitors.
* North Beach: A huge revitalization of the market is taking place in this neighborhood, with over $1 billion being invested by developers. It is currently a hotbed of realty development.

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